Delta Sigma Theta Chants

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19 tracks of songs and chants

Intro - What Is A Delta Time: 0:38
What Is A Delta Time: 0:43
1913 Time: 0:29
Zoom-Zoom Time: 2:02
Delta-Lude (Party) Time: 0:28
We Came To The Party Time: 0:33
Sweetheart Song Time: 1:31
Delta-Lude (My Favorite Delta Song) Time: 0:18
Delta Bet Time: 0:46
You Can Not Slide Time: 0:45
Years Ago Time: 0:27
Delta-Lude (AKA Dis) Time: 0:29
In 1908 Time: 0:14
Don't Step To This Time: 0:16
Delta-Lude (Step Show) Time: 0:28
Red Hot Time: 0:24
Delta Sigma Theta (In The House) Time: 0:34
If You Ever Time: 2:28
All My Love (Dedication) Time: 1:33